Occupational Health & Safety

Serenity Mode adheres to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHS Regulations 2017). We consider the safety of clients and employees as of the utmost importance, and all endeavours should be made to ensure unsafe situations or accidents do not occur. It is recognized that Serenity Mode’s staff work in an environment over which they have minimal control, i.e. the client’s home. As a consequence, Serenity Mode has provided staff with information in the Staff health and safety handbook and risk assessment forms to enable identification of any issues and reporting thereof.
Serenity Mode is committed to the establishment of a safe place of work, safe working methods and the provision of a safe workplace and equipment.

  • Serenity Mode will, to the best of its ability, ensure that staff are adequately trained and informed to perform their jobs safely.
  • Serenity Mode will ensure where possible, for prompt action to be taken to eliminate unsafe conditions and practices.
  • All staff to feel confident and comfortable to walk away from an environment that feels threatening or ‘not quiet right’, knowing they have the implicit support of Serenity Mode.
  • Serenity Mode has an obligation to inform participants or their representatives when a hazard or risk presents in the home or out of the home. Serenity Mode will withdraw its role in working with the participant if the risk is not eliminated.
  • Home Safety checks include smoke alarms, safe batteries for electric wheelchairs, charging voice output devices in electrical sockets that are secure and equipment that is regularly checked and maintained.
  • Serenity Mode will continually consult with health and safety representatives about ways to control risks associated with hazardous or risky tasks. Compliance with OHS laws is a continuous process. Serenity Mode aims to maintain a healthy and safe work environment
Serenity Mode attends regular annual training in the following areas:
Expected Outcomes:

To provide a safe environment, within the confines of the client’s home, free from potential hazards and accidents.


Organisation – it is required by regulation that employers identify, assess and minimize risks associated the handling of tasks within the workplace. Staff – all staff should co-operate and comply with preventative policies, programs and procedure when put in place by Serenity Mode