Complaints & Dispute Resolution Management

Complaints/ Disputes

Serenity Mode is committed to providing our clients/ participants with high quality service and acknowledges that it is in each person’s best interest to resolve any issues quickly, carefully and in confidence. We encourage a culture of open communication which is both responsive and accountable in relation to any grievance or complaint. It is the client/ participant’s right to expect a high standard of work from our staff and to feel comfortable with them in their home. If there is any aspect of the service that client/ participant is not happy about, Serenity Mode welcomes the opportunity to work with the client/ participant, their carer or advocate to address any issues of concern. it is important to receive the concern or complaint professionally, ensuring that the issue is recorded, that all the information is taken, the name of the person relaying the issue, and the date are all recorded and verified.

Please address all complaints in writing using the Making a Complaint form to


The Manager of Serenity Mode will investigate the complaint we will treat all complaints discreetly, fairly quickly and confidentiality (2 business days).

  • The investigation will include where appropriate-
  • Contact with the person or the representative making the complaint.
  • Discussions with Serenity Mode staff directly involved in the issue.
  • Discussions with any witnesses or outside agencies involved.
  • A review of the circumstances leading to any event or situation related to the issue.
  • Discussions with all parties to enable the negotiation of a resolution of the issue and strategies to avoid recurrence.
  • A review of any policy or documents related to the issue.
  • A written report outlining the nature of the complaint, the impact on the client, the proposed resolution, and the action taken.
  • Where a complaint is believed to be unfounded or showing a misunderstanding, it will still be recorded and the appropriate comments will be written on the report.
  • Where a complaint has been lodged in writing, a written report will be sent to the person who has made it.

If the matter is not resolved clients can contact relevant agencies to resolve the issue.

Disability related:
NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

Assistant Director Quality Assurance
NDIS Commission
PO Box 210
Penrith, NSW - 2750
1800 035 544

Aged Care related:
Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

Free call 1800 951 822 (Note: mobile phone users may incur charges) between 9am and 5pm weekdays, or leave a phone message.